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Another day another Birthday!!! November 7, 2009

Happy birthday to our youngest customer Adina who is celebrating her one year birthday today! The customers seem to adore our kindergarten plus Halloween designs for the trifle classic pudding.

On other news, we also provide for gathering of families and friends last week. Our old and dearest customer the MMU Anime’s club is back for more puddings..thank you for all your support and love for the pudding. Just to let you know we love making them as much as you love having them in your tummies! 😀



Miss Trifle glams up..kindergarten style October 11, 2009


Mom and raya themed

Wow..what a week it has been…throughout the week we have been busy fulfilling orders from various organisations. More than 400 cups of puddings have been produced and we would like to thank our patrons from TNBES and Tabung Haji for your interest in our product.

We promised pictures of the glammed-up version of our trifle pudding. So here they are!!

cow herd

We were inspired by the fact that most of our pudding lovers are the young and the young at heart. So we took the time to draw a kindergarten-inspired cartoons around the containers. It even featured our very own cartoon characters, Bie and Mom (they are the flat, round characters with cheeky round eyes).

We sent a batch of these to Kajang and received great responses on both pudding and designs…we were pleased to learn that a guest actually asked the hosts to keep the containers as the drawings were too cute. We were even more flattered when we were asked for the shop that sells printed containers…guess the drawings rocked the inner-child of everyone there.. 🙂

mimi raya 021flower power


Miss Chocolate Mousse October 4, 2009

Hear ye… hear ye!! Announcing the arrival of our new and delicious chocolate mousse! This lip smacking mousse are made from dark chocolate will surely satisfy any chocolate lovers’ desire. It is perfect for any occasion  & for everyone.






Miss Tapai

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A touch of Malaysian flavour is in town. We now have Miss Tapai Pulut on sale. This sweet and tangy dessert  is usually sought after by tapai lovers.





Miss Pudding tries to “Glamour-Up” September 27, 2009

Hi one hi all…hope that your hols are going well as planned. Anyway we at Miss Pudding are quite busy with our Raya orders. Speaking of orders, we are now trying to decorate puddings to suit the needs of your occasions. We will post the pictures for you to view when we are done decorating. 😀


Miss Pudding wishes you a beautiful Hari Raya. September 22, 2009

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As hari raya menjelang tiba..amidst the salam2 and the visits from and to family and friends…our pudding making activities continues… Today, (On the Third day of Raya) we delivered 60 puddings to an open house in Bukit Antarabangsa, Ampang. Prior to that, we sent another batch of puddings to Subang…I believe that one was requested on the first of Syawal….We look forward to receiving your orders….as one of the guests in Subang said…”the pudding is delicious!”…anyway… Eid al Mubarak!!


Raya Promotion… September 6, 2009

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In conjunction with the upcoming Hari Raya..we would like to offer a special price for our trifle pudding:

1 unit to 50 units : RM2.80 each

51 units and above : RM2.60 each

This offer is valid till 11th October 2009.

(This offer will exclude the cost of polystyrene)

So, if you are planning for that open house, reserve a place on your dessert table for our trifle pudding! 🙂

Til then, have a nice day!